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INDat Report 02_2023 - Peter Reuter

For INDat Report 02_2023 and as part of the series "Service Providers and Specialists", our Managing Director Ron Alexander spoke with INDat Editor-in-Chief Peter Reuter. The article published on this subject can be read here:

>> INDat Report 02_2023 – Greenfield Industrial: Schnell Komplettpakete schnüren. <<

About Greenfield Industrial

Greenfield Industrial is a Hamburg-based industrial trading company which, in addition to pure trading activities, offers customer-oriented solution concepts for company liquidationsinsolvency or for liquidity bridging.

The company's service portfolio includes the purchase and sale of industrial assets and commercial real estate, including site development and project-specific financing solutions. In addition, the company has the experience and expertise for the operational handling of complex tasks in the valuation of industrial assets and dismantling/clearing of production sites of any size.

Greenfield Industrial's clients are industrial companies, insolvency administrators, M&A advisors as well as banks and leasing companies.

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