Greenfield Industrial acquires online auction house InventoryNord and continues the platform as "Greenfield Auctions".

Greenfield Industrial GmbH - Hamburg 25.08.2023

The Hamburg-based industrial trading and services company Greenfield Industrial, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of the online auction platform InventoryNord. As part of this strategic acquisition, the platform will continue to operate under the name "Greenfield Auctions". The acquisition adds the previously missing e-commerce sector to Greenfield Industrial's service portfolio and opens up new opportunities to offer customers and partners individual complete solutions in special situations.


Greenfield Industrial continues growth course: Acquisition of InventoryNord strengthens position in the market for online industrial auctions

The acquisition of InventoryNord marks a significant milestone for Greenfield Industrial. InventoryNord, a renowned online auction house with a wide range of offerings from various industries, has established itself in recent years as a reliable platform for buying and selling industrial assets. Greenfield Industrial is known for its performance in providing individual solutions in special situations, from succession planning to corporate insolvency. In the past, Greenfield Industrial, as part of the Essen-based Thelen Group, has been able to take over and continue various companies completely or to buy industrial assets in parts and market them directly on an international level. The acquisition of the online auction platform enables Greenfield Industrial to expand its service portfolio and to exploit synergies between the two companies.

"The acquisition of InventoryNord is an exciting step for us," said Ron Alexander, managing director of Greenfield Industrial GmbH. "The platform has built an excellent reputation in the industry, and we are committed to building on this success. By combining our expertise in the industry with InventoryNord's established online presence, we will be able to offer even more comprehensive solutions to our customers."

InventoryNord customers can look forward to a seamless transition. The platform will continue to operate under the name "Greenfield Auctions," with InventoryNord's established team working closely with Greenfield Industrial to ensure a smooth relaunch of the online presence. Existing user accounts, ongoing auctions and services will be seamlessly transferred to the new platform, strengthening customer relationships.


Greenfield Auctions opens up a wide range of opportunities for sellers and buyers

The acquisition opens up new opportunities for both sellers and buyers at Greenfield Auctions. Sellers can benefit from an expanded reach and a broader customer base, while buyers gain access to an even more diverse selection of industrial goods.

"Our vision is to make Greenfield Auctions a premier platform for trading industrial goods," said Alexander Winter, head of the new Greenfield Auctions division. "We are determined to continue InventoryNord's track record of success while bringing our resources and expertise to take the platform to the next level."

The acquisition of InventoryNord and its continuation as Greenfield Auctions is a testament to Greenfield Industrial GmbH's commitment to growth and innovation. The company looks forward to consolidating its position in the e-commerce sector and creating added value for customers, sellers and partners.

The launch of the platform( will take place on 18.09.2023. The newly founded online auction house will start on this day with a highlight auction from the field of metal construction and processing.

About Greenfield Industrial

Greenfield Industrial is a Hamburg-based industrial trading company which, in addition to pure trading activities, offers customer-oriented solution concepts for company liquidationsinsolvency or for liquidity bridging.

The company's service portfolio includes the purchase and sale of industrial assets and commercial real estate, including site development and project-specific financing solutions. In addition, the company has the experience and expertise for the operational handling of complex tasks in the valuation of industrial assets and dismantling/clearing of production sites of any size.

Greenfield Industrial's clients are industrial companies, insolvency administrators, M&A advisors as well as banks and leasing companies.

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